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What is a ROC Cafe?

A safe, fun place where young people can come and build relationships with each other and receive support from positive adult role models.

A ROC Café is usually open one night a week, as an after-school or evening club depending on when there is the greatest need, which is often at the weekend.
Regular activities include: sports, drama, art, crafts and indoor games which help improve confidence and self-esteem.

It is run by local volunteers in partnership with local agencies such as the Police, Fire and Rescue Service and the local Council.

One of the benefits of a ROC Café is that it receives expert input from our partner agencies, which can lead to funding and ensures greater sustainability which allows it to thrive when many youth projects are facing closure.

Assessing the need
  • A local team, made up of a number of agencies, is formed.

  • A suitable building is identified and the need for the project is assessed, which includes; consulting young people, choosing a suitable time for the project and identifying the preferred age profile.

  • Volunteers are recruited and trained.

How it works
  • The ROC Café opens either as an after school club or later in the evening, typically one evening per week.

  • Young people come to a fun, safe environment which provides a place to meet friends and engage in various activities.

Our aims
  • By providing positive adult role models, young people learn new skills and are enabled to make better life style choices.

  • ROC Cafes have a proven track record in reducing anti-social behaviour and building confidence and self-esteem.

How we measure success
  • Measuring success involves; keeping accurate records of attendance and getting regular feedback from the partner agencies and beneficiaries.  

  • Our partner agencies help us measure ‘before’ and ‘after’ statistics of things like anti-social behaviour and confidence.

Rathfern Community Centre
Our current ROC Cafe in Rathfern...
Are you interested in opening/starting a ROC Cafe in your local area? If so please contact us at or call us at 02890351020
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