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BBC Newsline:

"School uniforms: Parents in Northern Ireland call for more help with costs"

Stories of Hope 

Cost of Living (publication)

Evangelical Alliance

'Together making Jesus known'

Newspaper Endorsement 7

Belfast Live:

"Cost-of-living crisis: NI church collecting warm coats to help those struggling this winter"

BBC Newsline:

"Buying uniforms is another cost some families are stuggling with, as the new school term approaches. It's led to a number of uniform banks or exchanges popping up in local communities..."

"One of the huge benefits I have seen from working with ROC is the links we’ve made with other churches and community groups in our local area. It has helped us to plan joint events to serve our community and to better gauge the needs of the community" - Jason Sime (Community Mission Worker at Alexandra Presbyterian Church)

Belfast Live:

"West Belfast event to create "kinder safer communities"

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