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What is ROC Mentors?
ROC Community Mentoring is a scheme which trains and supports volunteers in the delivery of a community strengthening programme. It aims to empower disadvantaged young people and families and build resilience in individuals through one-to-one mentoring.
The aim
  • To support families/young people in need of help

  • To empower those families/young people to make positive life choices

  • To improve resilience & self esteem and personal wellbeing

  • To successfully complete the programme

How it works
  • Choose your focus – Young People or Families

  • Appoint a co-ordinator

  • Recruit a team of volunteer mentors

  • Undergo professional training

  • Matching with the need

  • Mentoring

  • Monitoring outcomes

  • Ongoing support

Partnership with Coach

We work in partnership with Coach Community Mentoring, Australia as the official licensee in the UK​

COACH Network are an Australian based organisation that empower their partners to mobilise ordinary people for extra-ordinary community impact. They provide integrated, strength-based, best practice frameworks that equip local partners and community groups with effective tools to provide support, create belonging and empower people in their local neighborhoods. Their frameworks are evidence based with measurable impact and proven results. ROC UK partners with COACH Network to access and deliver the COACH Community Mentoring programs across the UK – branded as ROC Mentors. The COACH Network team in Australia work consistently with ROC staff to ensure local organisations and churches in the UK are equipped to support people doing it tough achieving long term transformation in their lives.

Sam Hearn (Director of COACH Network)

Mentoring Story

"My Tele-mentor is one in a million. I thought I would find it hard opening up to a stranger about my situation, which I never thought I would find myself in. She helped me by listening, offering advice, providing contacts and offering support. She has made me laugh, but more importantly helped me make sense of my situation, and to approach it pragmatically. I am in a better place than I have been in years, mostly because I chat through and make sense of what's happening with my mentor's help and advice. I can't thank her and ROC enough for helping me through this difficult time and I am pleased to say that I may just have found a friend for life. Thank you!"

Why ROC?
  • Professional training to deliver high impact, goal focussed mentoring

  • Assistance setting up a safe and effective programme

  • Ongoing support & access to resources

  • Membership of a national mentoring network across the UK

If you are interested in knowing more about running a Mentoring programme in your area, please contact us at or call us at 02890351020!​

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