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What is 'Follow the Star'?

After a busy year 2022 in North Belfast, we decided to finish the year by linking some of the churches together to form a Follow the Star Trail, which tells the Nativity Story in a new way!

Each church that became part of the trail was given a specific design that related to a section of the Nativity Story. Between their general church groups (BB, GB, Sunday School etc) they coloured and laminated their designs and stuck them to the front of their church buildings. We found that gates worked well, and if the building was close to the road then foyer windows worked too!

We put together a resource PDF that was available when scanning a QR Code at each location, this gave you the Bible passages for each part of the nativity story, as well as a map leading to the next part of the trail.

We would love to see this project used in estates right across Northern Ireland, making the Nativity story obtainable by anyone who passes by! Have you got a group of churches in mind that would like to be a part of this?

If you are interested in organising a Follow the star trail in your local area?

Contact Ben at for more info!


Click here to visit our Follow The Star Linktree page!

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